Stories to Love

21. Tif on what's in her author tool belt

February 04, 2021
Stories to Love
21. Tif on what's in her author tool belt
Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 21 of the Stories to Love Podcast!

So it’s just me today with a short episode! As promised, I would start to mix in answers to some of the questions you’ve sent over to me, either hearing through the podcast as well as responses to my newsletter. Thank you to those who have reached out. I’m really humble that you want to know more about me. You can reach me via my Instagram or my website

I do hope everyone’s hanging in there and staying safe, and getting your joys and inspiration in whenever you can.

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Some links I cover:
L. Penelope's podcast episode on research
Pacemaker App
Trello App
HB90 course

WHEN JASMINE BLOOMS, a contemporary fiction inspired by Marmee of Little Women, about a woman who suffers a great tragedy, wonders 'what if' and it comes true is here!

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