Stories to Love

51. Memory and history with author Jennifer Bardsley

October 26, 2022
Stories to Love
51. Memory and history with author Jennifer Bardsley
Show Notes

Welcome to the Stories to Love podcast. This is episode 51. My guest today is author Jennifer Bardsley. 

Jennifer Bardsley is the author of Sweet Bliss, Good Catch, The History of Us, and more. A graduate of Stanford University, she lives in Edmonds, Washington with her husband and two children. Jennifer’s “I Brake for Moms” column has appeared in The Everett Herald every week since 2012. She also writes Young Adult Paranormal Romance under the pen name Louise Cypress. When she’s not writing books, you can find Jennifer walking from her house to the beach every chance she gets.

In this episode we discussed the atmospheric way she set The History of Us, her research into coin collecting, how memory inspired this book, about everyday drama in small town romance, her pseudonym, and her experience with transient global amnesia.

Jennifer and I had such a great conversation, and we covered so much in this time together. I want to thank her for sharing her experience with amnesia and how it affected her and her work.

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