Stories to Love

50. Literary entrepreneur Angela Anderson and creating relationships

October 14, 2022
Stories to Love
50. Literary entrepreneur Angela Anderson and creating relationships
Show Notes

Welcome again to the Stories to Love podcast and this is episode 50. My guest today is literary entrepreneur Angela Anderson. 

Angela Anderson aka the “Literary Midwife” is a literary and editorial services professional and CEO of Angela Anderson Presents. She has a deep passion for all things literary, marketing, and event planning. Angela founded the “Literary Café” as a place where authors and readers can connect and grow their reader-author bond through their love for the craft of the written word and books. Angela is the host of two amazing shows, Angela’s Literary Café and Angela’s Literary Tea. She is also one of the three hosts of the exhilarating weekly show, Fun Friday. In addition, she is a contributing writer for The Heat Seekers Magazine.

In this episode we discussed how her career evolved to become a literary promoter and marketer, how she strives to be an advocate for diverse books, and her relationship mindset within the book business

There is so much joy in this conversation—you can hear it in Angela’s voice, and I know you’ll love this episode!

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