Stories to Love

48. Author Robyn Lucas and pouring your heart into your writing

September 05, 2022
Stories to Love
48. Author Robyn Lucas and pouring your heart into your writing
Show Notes

Welcome again to the stories to love podcast and this is episode 48. My guest today is author Robyn Lucas. Today is September 5, 2022

Robyn Lucas has always been a storyteller. 

Being the middle child will do that.

After finding her way to Atlanta, GA by way of Hawaii, USVI, Miami, and South Carolina, Robyn Lucas developed a successful career in communications and marketing. Her background came in handy when her teenagers developed an award-winning mental health app which boasts over 100,000 downloads.                                     

When Robyn is not writing, she enjoys spending time with her teens, marathoning (watching TV, not running), reading, and snuggling with her dog, Trooper.

In this episode, Robyn and I discussed pouring your heart into your writing, writing from her own experience and separating it with fiction, and her journey into publishing her debut Paper Doll Lina.

This was a vulnerable conversation and I thank Robyn for sharing her own life experience, where we discussed domestic abuse and mental health. I think that you’ll be able to hear how much both craft and life experience she brought to her book as well as to this episode.

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And here we go to my in conversation with Robyn Lucas.

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